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Pull up a pew, we've got some coffee detail to get into! To help you find the right coffee online, here’s a little explanation on the different types available.


Specialty coffee is a term used to describe premium coffee beans that have been scored using the traditional cupping method as used by the coffee industry. They are usually grown in ideal micro-climate conditions, often at altitude, giving the coffee a very distinctive flavour. The specialty grade is met by only a very small percentage of the world’s coffee-producing farms; meaning that you have something very special in your cup. Visit our shop to buy your coffee beans online.


Our espresso blends have been specially developed for milk based espresso drinks. The blends mix single origins, from around the globe, to balance their characteristics and flavours. They are batch-roasted daily in the roastery to guarantee freshness.


We have a fine online selection of single origin and single estate coffees that can be enjoyed in a variety of brewing methods. We roast these coffees lighter to preserve the characteristics of the coffees origin. They can be enjoyed as black filter coffee or espresso but only use a small amount of milk if making a cappuccino!


Our Arabica coffee beans are sourced from the world’s finest coffee growing regions. Every batch is roasted to enhance and develop its natural flavour rather than destroying it. The coffee is then cupped  to ensure that no defects are present.  It’s only then that the beans are dispatched or make it to the final blend.

To keep our coffee fresh for longer it’s packaged with a one-way valve that allows the natural gasses to escape whilst keeping the air out.  Your coffee beans will be batched with a roast date on the bottom of the bag. 


Our decaf is a mountain water process decaf which is almost identical to the way a Swiss water decaf coffee is processed. The big difference however between the two is in the taste with the mountain water process coffees being far superior. A chemical-free process that leaves the coffee full-flavoured but 99% caffeine-free.


We buy only the very best tasting coffee and not because it has a 'badge'. All our coffees have a story to tell, so you can be rest assured you will know everything about your brew!. We only work with farms that have had their social and environmental conditions fully audited. We then pay a premium over and above the cost of the coffee, and this goes directly to the farm. 

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