Papua New Guinea

Bag Size: 350g
Grind Coffee: Whole Bean

Coffee Info

Coffee category: Bold

Process: Washed

What to expect: If you are looking for a bolder single origin that has lots of body then coffee from Papua New Guinea is a great option. Expect lots of sweetness from this coffee with caramel notes as espresso developing into peanut butter with the addition of some milk.

Farm Info

Producer: Kongo Washing station

Region: Simbu Province, Central Highlands

Altitude: 1,600m above sea level

Varietals: Typica

Kongo Coffee has been involved in the PNG coffee industry for well over 20 years in growing, buying, processing, roasting and exporting of coffee. Their export operations commenced in September 1999 and since then they have been exporting an average of 4,000 tons of high quality green beans annually to different international destinations around the world.

Centrally located in the heart of the highlands of Papua New Guinea and at the highest altitude of the country (over 1,600m ASL), Simbu Province produces some 7,000 metric tonnes or about 10% of the country’s annual arabica coffee production. Since coffee was introduced to Simbu in the early 1950s, this crop has become the single most important cash crop to the majority of the Simbu people. Almost all major economic and cultural activities in Simbu these days evolve around cash incomes generated from the annual coffee crop. Given the importance of this crop to the people, Simbu Province now produces some of the best smallholder coffee in Papua New Guinea.

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