Have you ever reached the bottom of your coffee bag and noticed that your coffee isn't quite as good as it was when you first opened it? This is because coffee reacts with oxygen and over time your fresh coffee beans can become a little less exciting. The only way to slow this process down is to store you coffee beans in an airtight environment and we have come up with a solution!

Our Hario coffee canisters create an air tight seal to lock in that freshness, keeping them tasting amazing for longer. If this isn't a good enough incentive to run out and buy one straight away we also have a special offer for all those that pick up their coffee beans here at the roastery.

When you bring your coffee canister back into the roastery and purchase 350g worth of coffee we will give you 10% off, every time, for the life of the canister! This is all part of the Eclipse vision of ensuring you have the freshest and best tasting coffee possible and getting it to you in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Offer Conditions

  • Must be a sealable container suitable to hold 350g of coffee.
  • It is the owners responsibility to ensure the canister is empty, clean and dry on presentation. Canisters not meeting these conditions cannot be refilled or used for this offer. It is at the discretion of the staff of Eclipse Coffee Roasters if these conditions have been met.
  • Eclipse Coffee Roasters will not accept liability for damage to a canister during transportation.


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