Los Pirineos
El Salvador

Bag Size: 250g
Grind Coffee: Whole Bean

Coffee Info

Coffee category: Bright

Process: Red Honey

What to expect: A bright, juicy and complex coffee, delivering notes of Blood Orange & Dried Apricot. The Red Honey process gives this coffee a nice body, where you might find some floral notes in the cup. Combine this with a citrus like acidity, and this coffee really delivers.

Farm Info

Producer: Diego Baraona

Region: Tecapa Chimaneca

Altitude: 1,300 - 1,600m above sea level

Varietals: Pacamara

Los Pirineos is located on top of the Tecapa Volcano; a volcanic mountain range in the Department of Usulutan. The name of Los Pirineos was given because of the similarity to the mountains of the Pyrenees in Europe, which separates France and Spain. The farm Los Pirineos also separates two towns, Berlin and Santiago de Maria. The cultivation of the coffee farm started in 1890 according to some accounts of the family, the original typical plants and shade trees called Gravileos were imported from Antigua Guatemala.

The farm has been owned by the family for over 100 years and it has always been cultured under traditional shade. Currently 10% of the plantation belongs to the Typica variety, 83% is Bourbon, 4% Pacas and 3% is Pacamara. Los Pirineos farm is Rainforest Alliance certified, the first farm in El Salvador obtaining this certification. Los Pirineos, has always been recognized by exporters, buyers and national and international cuppers as producing one of the best coffees from the east side of the country.

Los Pirineos uses mechanical de-mucilage techniques and has an incredible amount of African drying beds as well as UV protected drying facilities. They take great care to maintain clean equipment to ensure quality processing from beginning to end.

The mill is built between two mountains which ensures constant wind going from one side to the other and because this corridor goes from east to west. Because of this perfect location maximising airflow for drying the coffee gets 100% of the sunlight of the day. During the 2017/18 harvest for the first time Carbonic Maceration (CM) experimental coffees were produced.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Absolutely Fantastic!

First, allow me to establish the fact that I have never written a review in my life. Ever! This coffee is out of this world. Its quality, brightness and balance all come together to provide an absolutely unique experience. Last week I hesitated to purchase this coffee, given its price. But now that I have received and brewed it (espresso), I can't wait to order more bags! Beautiful notes of cognac and honey blend so well together, it is incredible! Thank you Eclipse for this fantastic discovery!

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