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Swiss Water Decaf CATUR Collection

Bag Size: 350g
Grind Coffee: Whole Bean

Coffee Info

Coffee category: Bright

Process: 'KAMALA' Natural Anaerobic #01 + Swiss Water Decaffeination

What to expect: Our hugely popular CATUR collection coffee is now available as a decaf! For those who enjoy bright fruity coffees this will be a huge treat. Expect citrus notes of orange and a super smooth sweet cherry biscuity body.

Farm Info

Producer: Karana Global

Region: Batukaang, Kintamani, Bali

Altitude: 1,200-1,500m above sea level

Varietals: Kartika

CATUR Coffee is a collaborative effort to improve the landscape of coffee production with Indonesia. Operated by So So Good Coffee Company and currently six different 'processors' throughout the archipelago, CATUR is utilizing different strains of yeast to derive flavour within the cup. There are four different flavour categories being created throughout the six processing facilities, BUMI, SENJA, PUCUK and KAMALA.

"KAMALA means lotus as well as pale red in Sanskrit. This is our take on what Indonesian coffees could be under experimental yet directed post-harvest techniques. KAMALA offers different arrays of fruity, boozy and out of this world flavours! We achieved this through the use of mostly anaerobic natural technique as well as trial-based inoculants." - Mikael Jasin, Founder

This specific lot comes from the island of Bali and is processed by a group called KARANA GLOBAL, a boutique producer / processor of Indonesian Specialty Coffee. They started as a micro-lot processor on developing quality Arabica and Robusta products, from the coffee plantations of Kintamani and Tabanan, and are now working with and assisting in the operations of these plantations in Kintamani. They train and employ local folks contributing annually to projects centered on community education and environmental impact. Karana Global is one of the local thought leaders in coffee fermentation techniques and an integral member in the growth and development of CATUR Coffee, as they work together, bouncing ideas off one another for further improvements to the product.

Through this collaboration, CATUR and Karana Global have processed 169,000 kg of cherry in the Kintamani area, producing around 30,000 kg of green bean, throughout different profiles. This directly impacted 135 families in the local area.

This is a citrus forward coffee, with refreshing lemon lime flavours defining the initial sips, backed up by grapefruit, marmalade and raspberry. The overall profile reminds us of Sprite, with the complex citrus and overall thirst quenching quality - there's even a sparkling component to the tactile sensation that beautifully compliments the flavours.

About Swiss Water:

Swiss Water® Process was designed as an alternative to using Methylene Chloride as a decaffeination solvent. We are fully committed to quality coffee, and we are committed to never using chemicals to remove caffeine. We proudly keep Methylene Chloride and Ethyl Acetate out of our facility and away from your coffee.

Swiss Water® Process — 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination.

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