Sigri AA
Papua New Guinea

  • Coffee Category: Bold

    Process: Washed and sun dried

    What to expect

    Lots of chocolate notes make for a very smooth rounded espresso or black filter coffee. Adding a little bit of milk to this coffee is ok and will give a lingering aftertaste but don't add too much as the light acidity of this coffee will be lost.
  • Producer: Sigri Estate
    Region: Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands
    Altitude: 1600m
    Farm Information 

    The plantations of Sigri are located in the Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands Province at an altitude of 1600m and were established in the 1950's. A cool climate and bountiful rainfall are perfect for the exclusively planted Typica, which are the best suited variety to the Papua New Guinea climate.

    Quality control begins in the field, coffee cherries are handpicked and carefully checked for uniformity. The cherries must be red and fully ripe which allows for the correct balance of sugar and acidity within the coffee bean. The ripe cherries are pulped on the same day as they are picked before being fermented for 3 days, with interruptions for washing every 24 hours. They are then laid out to naturally dry in the sun.

    Our AA grade Sigri is the highest grade produced and has justifiably gained a reputation of being “probably the best estate coffee in Papua New Guinea”.

  • Our espresso recipe using 20g basket
    20.5g in / 42g out
    in 27 to 32 seconds

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