La Florida

  • Coffee Category: Balanced

    Process: Fully washed and dried on patios

    What to expect

    Guatemalan coffees typically have lots of bright acidity notes but this coffee from La Florida really showcases the category of balanced. A subtle red apple acidity that develops into a brown sugar and caramel body and finishes with lots of milk chocolate notes. A great everyday coffee that everyone will enjoy.
  • Producer: Romelia Sánchez Gómez
    Region: Paraje La Florida, Santa Barbara
    Altitude: 1,600m
    Farm size: 106 hectares
    Farm Information 

    Within the beautiful landscape of Paraje La Florida, Romelia Sanchez' farm is producing outstanding coffees. Paraje La Florida located is in the favourable coffee growing region of Santa Barabora, Huehuetenango. It is shaded by Chalum and Gravilea trees and rolling cloud cover cools the Santa Barbara area throughout the day.

    The farm was purchased by Doña Romelia Sánchez Gómez in 2016 from Mr. Jose Sanchez. The land had been somewhat under utilized for coffee production, but under Romelia's keen eye the plants have flourished, and productivity has been increased. She is deft and detail oriented, with a care for the condition of her family, her workers, plants, and soil. This detail orientated approach and care during processing is evident in how clean a coffee this is in the cup.

    This coffee has been processed as a traditional fully washed coffee and dried on concrete patios. The fermentation process takes anywhere between 24 to 36 hours and the drying process from 3 to 5 days depending on the weather conditions.

    Together with her 10 employees, Romelia is working hard to be able to expand the farm and purchase new land as well as introducing new management techniques to improve the cultivation of coffee. There is also a development to grow different coffee varieties to those that can potential increase the quality of the farm and be more resilient to diseases like coffee rust.

    The annual production of the farm current stands at around 27,000 lbs of processed green coffee and the farm also produces peaches and avocados.


  • Our espresso recipe using 20g basket
    20.5g in / 42g out
    in 27 to 32 seconds

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