CM Selections Indigo
Kochere lot 0711 Ethiopia

  • Coffee Category: Bright

    Process: Carbonic Maceration Natural

    What to expect

    Carbonic maceration processing of coffee is a relatively new and rare processing method that enhances the fermentation to create unique flavour profiles. With this coffee expect an intense and bold flavour profile with powerful fruit qualities.
  • Producer: Various Smallholder Farmers
    Region: Kochere, Yirgacheffe
    Altitude: 1,950 - 2,300m
    Varietals: Various Ethiopian Heirloom Varietals
    Average farm size: Less than 1 hectare
    Farm Information 

    Ethiopian Coffee Growing Areas

    Kochere is a sub region (woreda) located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region of Ethiopia. This region is inside a much bigger coffee region known as Yirgacheffe. In Kochere there are approximately 50 washing stations and soil in the surrounding area has iron-rich, red soil which is ideal for coffee growing.

    CM Selections

    The Carbonic Maceration (CM) process was first introduced to the world by Project Origin founder, Saša Šestić during the 2015 World Barista Championship in Seattle. Since then, Project Origin has researched and developed a range of CM techniques in a variety of countries. In 2018 PO started to do experimental lots with the Meteku washing station, obtaining very positive results.

    Processing Information

    Coffee cherries are picked perfectly ripe, hand sorted and floated to remove unripe and over-ripe cherries. The Washed CM Selection coffees are then pulped before being placed in temperature and humidity controlled tanks flushed with carbon dioxide (CO2) to remove oxygen from the tank. Natural CM Selection coffees are placed in the tanks still in the cherry. By controlling the fermentation we are able to introduce different kinds of yeast production in the tanks and control how they interact with the coffee, giving us very exciting results in the final cup. One key yeast that we activate is called sacromises cerevisiae. With the CM process we take control of how fast or slow sugars are broken down from the mucilage by the yeast. Depending on which controls we apply we are able to create unique flavour experiences and enhance different qualities in different lots. The terms that we are accustomed to in the coffee world include natural, washed, honey, semi-washed and so on. These processing techniques use a variety of methods to extract the green beans/seeds from the coffee cherries. The CM process does not replace these methods; rather it adds another step in processing. For example, the CM Selections coffees are still identified as being natural, washed etc. but we also include the maceration process as well. So instead of being just washed, we say that a CM Selections coffee is Carbonic Macerated (CM) Washed.

  • Our espresso recipe using 20g basket
    20.5g in / 42g out
    in 28 to 32 seconds

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