Finca El Poema Colombia
Green Coffee Beans 600g

Coffee Info

Coffee category: Bright

Process: Natural Anaerobic

What to expect: For those who like bright anerobic coffees this one is for sure going to be a big hit! Anerobic fermentation always brings out really interesting and funky flavours and this one is no different. Expect notes of red apple and a strong boozy cherry finish.

Farm Info

Producer: Sebastian Muñoz Duque

Region: Vereda La Muleta, Palestina, Caldas

Altitude: 1,750m above sea level

Varietals: Castillo

Finca and Glamping El Poema was purchased by Sebastian Muñoz with his mother in 2016 after his father passed away. Sebastian has lots of experience in the coffee industry through work with a company called La Meseta, purchaser and exporter of green beans. With that experience Sebastian made some important changes to the farm, looking to sell coffee that had more value added. That’s why he started to produce Natural and Honey coffees. At first the buyers were his past employers and later he decided to venture on his own. Sebastians second passion is tourism. That is how he started the Glamping side of his business. He wanted to give the coffee experience to locals and visitors to the country. He has built seven mini homes that are located inside the coffee plantation. His plan is to build 3 more and then combine coffee and tourism.

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