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Fazenda Joia Rara Brazil
Green Coffee Beans 600g

Coffee Info

Coffee category: Balanced

Process: Natural Fermented

What to expect: A great example of a really well processed, smooth tasting, Brazilian coffee. Expect notes of raisin and peanut with a smooth chocolatey body.

Farm Info

Producer: Barbosa Family

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Altitude: 1,000m above sea level

Varietals: Yellow Catuai

Farm size: 200 hectares

The tradition of coffee production has been in the Barbosa Family since the twentieth century. Mr. Barbosa ancestors, his great-grandparent Elias Barbosa passed it on to his grandparent Claudio Barbosa de Paula and from him to his father, Jairo Barbosa de Paula and now Mr. Barbosa works with his generation, his sons Vítor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo. When Danilo says family business, he means husband, wife, father, son, and daughter in law all working together. The office feels like an extension of home, where everybody shares the same dream, supports each other, learns and grows together. The office is located in Carmo do Paranaíba, Estate of Minas Gerais, with a team of ten people working towards producing the best coffee.

Unique Quality

From the choice of the varietal to the harvest season, the Barbosa family works hard to deliver the best coffee. All the processes are closely watched, and the Quality Control team follow all the stages of the traceability program, from the tree to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to the world.

Limited Lot

This lot was a limited production lot and was processed as a fermented natural. The coffee was first hand picked to ensure best quality. It then went through a double aerobic fermentation for 36hrs followed by an anaerobic fermentation for 96hrs inside a pressurized sealed 200-liter barrel (no oxygen). It was then dried on raised beds for 25 days and the temperature was carefully watched at the fermentation stages so it would not go over 40 degrees Celcius. This coffee lot is also part of a special give back program where a $1 per pound sold is being donated to the construction of a hospital in Minas Gerais.

About Cerrado Mineiro

The Cerrado Region has all the conditions to produce specialty coffee. During the dry season, humidity is low, temperatures are lower, and the coffee quality is highlighted. Defined seasons, soil and topography combined with experienced crop management; provides everything needed to deliver the best coffee.

Direct Trade

For many decades the family produced and sold the coffee to exporters around the region. With a huge demand from buyers, crop after crop, the vision became to trade directly with importers all around the world. After thoughtful research on quality, sensorial analyses, consistency, screens, the family is now exporting great coffee to North America on the Direct Trade basis, via our partner Orange Brown, from the farm to your cup.

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