Below is a selection of our current offerings from different farms all over the world. Each of these coffees can be very different from the next so to help you out please take note of the following categories.

Bright - You can expect lots of fruity notes and a higher acidity from these coffees. They are typically roasted lighter which enhances these flavours and makes them less suitable for adding milk to them. Best suited for the filter or pour over methods of brewing but can also produce a great fruity espresso.

Balanced - These coffees are roasted to enhance sweetness in the cup which results in lots of chocolate and caramel like notes. Suited to all brew methods and will produce a very smooth crowd pleasing coffee.

Bold - Most of the coffees in our bold category are blends and a big reason behind this is that they are designed more for espresso based beverages. These coffees are also well suited for those who prefer a bolder style and slightly darker roasted coffee with notes of dark chocolate and nuts.

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