Finca El Molino
El Salvador

Bag Size: 350g
Grind Coffee: Whole Bean

Coffee Info

Coffee category: Balanced

Process: Washed

What to expect: A great crowd pleasing coffee with just enough acidity to give it a bit of brightness but overall a sweet and chocolatey offering. Expect notes of apple and butterscotch with a smooth almondy body.

Farm Info

Producer: Salaverria Family

Region: Ahuachapan, Ahucachapan (Department)

Altitude: 1,500+m above sea level

Varietals: Bourbon, Pacas

Finca El Molino is located in the Ahuachapan department of El Salvador. El Molino is one of the oldest farms that the Salaverria family owns. The cherries are not processed on the farm like Guadalupe, but rather taken to Beneficio Las Cruces, a processing mill for the Salaverria family. This is where the cherries are de-pulped and dried under sun on clay patios. The combination of high quality varietals, good agricultural practices, immaculate cherry selection, and good processing techniques results in the sweet, rich, creamy and balanced cup of El Molino. A classic coffee from Central America, this cup can be enjoyed by everyone whether old or new to the specialty world.

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