Creativa Coffee District
Clavo de Oro Panama


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Size: 250g
Grind Coffee: Whole Bean

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Coffee Info

Coffee category: Bright

Process: Natural Anaerobic 'Static Cherry'

What to expect: An exciting return of coffee from Creativa Coffee District in Panama. This coffee has undergone natural anaerobic processing resulting in super bright and fruity flavour notes. Expect tropical fruit notes and hints of cranberry with a heavy chocolatey body!

Farm Info

Producer: Creativa Coffee District

Region: Boquete

Altitude: 1,550m above sea level

Varietals: Mostly Catuai, with Typica, Caturra

This project is about far more than just coffee which is important in changing the perspective of coffee and what it stands for. It has been started by the same team from the renowned farm La Palma y El Tucan and it's an amazing vision. They've taken over a very old processing facility in Panama, which has been decommissioned for many years now. They're not only turning this into a coffee mecca, they're also creating a platform for artists. This project will host an artist residency and will fuse the worlds of specialty coffee with eco-tourism and art.

This particular lot is part of the Neighbours and Crops program. CCD buys cherry at premiums from nearby producers. Maribel Gonzalez, the producer for M11, grows the coffee. Creativa Coffee District is responsible for the processing, dry milling, branding, and logistics. This allows their neighbors to focus their efforts on other areas of life, confident that their coffee will be purchased at a sustainable price.

M11 is a natural process CCD calls "Static Cherry":

"Anaerobic fermentation allows us to stimulate the bacteria and yeast growth that flourishes in oxygen-free environments. The fermentation phase ranges from 24 hours to 216 hours. We noticed that the lots with shorter fermentations present more lactic and subtle profiles, with higher acidity and sweetness. On the other hand, while cupping the results from more extended fermentations, we perceived more intense flavors. We get stronger profiles with an acidity that brings an effervescence and a staggering complexity to the palette."

This particular lot comes from a farm called Clavo de Oro, which is owned by Ricardo Gonzalez. This lot was produced by his daughter, Maribel Gonzalez.

For more detailed information about CCD we highly recommend a visit to their website. Creativa Coffee District

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