New Arrivals

September 28, 2016


With summer slowly slipping away we have some new offerings to get you through the fall and ready for the winter months ahead. The standout of these is a Costa Rican white honey process coffee from the famous Cafetalera Herbazu Estate that has an extremely well balanced sweetness and acidity. The farmer Antonio Barrantes is dedicated to his craft and has constantly placed well in the Costa Rican cup of excellence competitions placing 3rd this year and 1st in 2015.

The processing of a coffee as a white honey is the same as a pulped natural coffee where 25% of the fruit mucilage from the coffee cherry is left on the parchment, which is low in comparison to a yellow honey process where 50% is kept on. This results in a slightly milder acidic brightness and a lot more body.


It is with great excitement that we are happy to announce our newest coffee blend, the Fast Track Blend! This blend has been developed with one goal in mind and that is to help a young athlete, Rachel Klassen, achieve her goal to represent Canada Luge for the next winter Olympic games in 2018. Proceeds of this coffee shall go directly to Rachel to help with the ongoing costs of training and travel. Expect lots of bold spicy chocolate flavors from this blend and a touch of brightness as it cools.